Real solution to dieing 4170s


Apr 1, 2012
A few weeks ago I posted a topic about 4170s and early death. My first build died after less than a week.

I took Yuka's advice and undervolted it. That brought the peak temp running Prime95 down to a reasonable 55C. It ran fine for a week but I wasn't happy with that temp since it's a bit close to the AMD 60C peak.

I got clearance to upgrade the cooler to a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus. I just finished installing and testing it. The peak temp is now 45C, 10C less than the stock cooler. Nothing else changed in the PC, just the cooler.

I can live with 45C, it also brought the idle temp down to 35C, the same as the motherboard temp.

I may never use another stock AMD cooler again.

Gotta love this cooler!



Idk what it is about the 4170 that causes them to run so hot. As far as I know they are nothing more than a factory OC'd 4100 and in my experience the 4100's actually run pretty cool. I had my old FX-4100 @ 4.5Ghz with a 212+ and temps never went above 50c, I guess every chip is different. Props on the 212+, These things rock !