Question Real-time translation of foreign speech from a live broadcast.

Mar 5, 2023
Is there any program or website that can automatically transcribe and translate foreign speech in real-time from a live broadcast, for example from a YouTube video or other live streaming content? This program or website would read the translated text out loud using a speech synthesizer, all in real-time. Normally, Google Chrome can translate the video title and comments in real-time, but to understand the spoken content, one would have to wait until the end of the broadcast, generate a transcript using a transcription website, copy and paste the transcript into Google Translate or DeepL, and then use a Windows speech synthesizer or IVONA to read out the translated text.
Google Translate has an "interpreter mode", but I doubt this works in any semblance of real-time. And while I'm sure there is work on this, the problem is that computer based interpretation still has glaring issues.

I mean, you only have to look at YouTube's auto closed captioning feature to see just how "good" it is. Couple that with a spotty translation system and you're looking at Backstroke of the West