Question Real world wifi maximum speeds?


Mar 2, 2019
A question out of curiosity, not need or a problem.

It seems to be pretty well known that the fastest internet transfer speeds come through a connection using an ethernet cable, and for various reasons including signal processing overhead, a wifi connection can not reach wired connection speeds.

The question is how do you reach the fastest wifi speed? There appears to be a combination of wifi adapters, routers and routers which result in speed that approach the so-called claimed maximum rates which appear to be unattainable.

Some say that wifi overhead will result in internet wireless speeds that can be no better than half of the wired transfer rates, but is this always the case?

Does anyone really know the hardware and setting combination that leads to really fast wifi, or is this a mystery or a secret?
Depends how unrealistic you want to get with your testing. If you put the pc directly on top of the router you are going to get much better results than in the next room.

There have been people that have setup unrealistic tests to show you could get almost 1gbit on wifi. They used things like QaM1024 which is not part of the official standard and physically connect 4 antennas cables between the devices.

If you look at some of the more reputable testing sites they say you get 200-300mbps using the more commonly available devices at realistic distances. Most wifi devices are going to favor portability and battery life over performance so this tends to be your bottleneck.
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