Question Really Confused and need help with new monitor!


Jun 29, 2013
I currently have 3 24" LG monitors which are 1080p. I have them in a great surround settings but now since i am upgrading my desktop PC, i want to get a new single monitor that can replace all these three.

My new build is:
-Ryzen 9 3900X
-G.Skill Royal 3600Mhz
-AORUS Elite Mobo
-GTX 770 SLI (Yes i took them out of my old rig)

Now this is what i expect from my new monitor:
- 32"+ and curved if possible (so it looks like my old setup)
-4k resolution+
-Extra widescreen (so it looks like what i currently have)
-HDR ?
-Color accuracy?
-60 Hz +?

Now the last things i wrote, i am not to educated on that. So i have heard HDR with 1000 brightness is what is usually the best from linus tech tips. With the monitors i saw on amazon, i can barely see Vesa HDR 600. So i guess that is enough?

Are there monitors that are 4k that run minimum at 60 Hz with that kind of color/brightness? Again i dont know and couldn't get the right answers searching! I don't usually game so i am not too crazy about the 144 Hz refresh but i guess 60+ wont be bad. Now maybe i am asking too much for a single monitor to have all these features at the same time and usable.

The big question, do i need a new gpu? My old 770 only have dsp1.2 and some old hdmi, i have read that i cannot use 4k @ 60hz with this HDR and will only be able to use at 30 Hz. So please correct me again, if i do need a new gpu that can push 60Hz+ with 4k and HDR all same time.

My current search got me these: (seems amazing with the extra 1k and also 34" but not curved and 60 hz only) ( amazing size of 49" but kinda less resolution than 5k and no mention of HDR or 60 Hz+) ( Says only HDR 400 but is kinda not wide and seems small)
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