Question Really high temps and bad scores

Oct 10, 2020
Hey all!

I've gotten my RTX 2060 Super about 3 months ago, but just got around to benchmarking and monitoring. I have a MSI RTX 2060 Super Gaming, and when I check HWinfo, I see temps of around 60 degrees celsius at IDLE, but only 70 at full load. I know this isn't a glitch or sensor problem, because I have touched the card and it is awfully hot. I am also getting really <Mod Edit> Heaven scores:
FPS: 57.4 Score: 1447 Min FPS:28.5 Max FPS:117.9.

This was the preset:
Render: Direct3D11
Mode: 1920x1080 8xAA fullscreen
Quality: Ultra
Tessellation: Extreme.

Heaven also shows this for GPU: GPU model: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER (4095MB) x1. Why does it say I only have 4GBs of VRAM? Is something damaged?
I have tested my CPU in Cinebench and I'm getting around 100 points below average in multi-core, so I don't think the CPU is the problem.
Other Temps (under load):
CPU: 53-65
VRM: 55-67

Ryzen 5 2600
Gigabyte B450-DS3H
Corsair Vengeanence 16GB 3000Mhz CL16
Msi RTX 2060 Super Gaming (non-x version) (yes I thought is was ordering the x i got scammed)
Corsair RM750X
The benchmark was running off a Seagate Barracude Compute 2TB.

Appreciate your help!
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