Really interesting disconnection problem


Oct 18, 2012
Now I seem to have this very unique problem that started up around 2 weeks ago. All my programs lose connection. Yes, my programs, not my computer. Let explain as short as possible:

-All my programs lose connection (skype, games, firefox, etc), YET, my computer still says the connection to the internet is fine, and working.
- It's not just my computer, but my 2 other computers on the same network to (still happens when only mine is connected to the internet).
- I checked the cables, everything is fine.
-My router ALSO says it is still connected to the internet, while I lose connection to all programs.

Any insight would be appreciated.
Windows cannot reliably tell you if the Internet is working; it can only really tell you if the network link to your LAN is OK or not.

Now, there are different ways for the Internet to go down, and one way is for your ISP to lose it's DNS service. DNS is what translates to so your browser can connect.