Question Really need advice for Aorus 2080ti graphics card - fan function / noise level


Jun 12, 2012
Greetings! Recently upgraded from an Nvidia 1080 GTX to an Aorus RTX 2080ti (with the 3 fans) from a buddy who just got a 3080. He kicked down his old card for a price I couldn't refuse, and it still has years of warranty left, which he can fulfill for me if any issues arise. He takes meticulous care of his pc equipment and I have no concerns about its condition.

My 1080 was whisper quiet and never had heat/noise issues (love it!), but this new card seems to have something wrong, or at least I think.

First off, I found (using MSI Afterburner) that it idles at 50-51c, which seems ridiculously high. I then installed Doom Eternal and I'm running it at 1440p, maxed out with DLSS and Ray Tracing (well, because I can now!), and while it's beautiful and looks great, I've noticed that the card immediately jumps up to 79-80c - well within tolerance, I know. The real problem is that the fan goes CRAZY and the card sounds like a dust buster going in and out of turbo mode - up and down, continuously. If it held one fan speed I might be OK, but it cycles repeatedly, which is maddeningly distracting. Using MSI Afterburner, I logged the fan speeds and found that they are continually bursting to 4000-4200 rpm in an endless cycle.

Is this just something I should live with?

I've done a fair amount of google-fu and I've read all kinds of crazy stuff about fan problems, poor manufacturer thermal paste applications, all kinds of stuff.

I just don't know what what my expectations should be. If I had spent over a 1000 bucks on a new card and it sounded like that, I would be super upset. Or is this just the price you pay when you get a big-boy card?

I've explored 3 possible solutions:

1)RMA it, but I worry that I'll get jerked around or told it's normal
2)Look into some kind of crazy Kraken G12 AIO set up, but I don't think I have quite the skills to get it working properly
3)Reapply new/fresh thermal paste. This, I think I could manage, or my buddy could, but I've heard I'll void the warranty.

It just boggles me that anyone would be satisfied with an expensive card like this that sounds as awful as this one does. Please help!

Other notes: my computer is well ventilated and I've NEVER had heat issues before. it's in an open area where heat can escape and not stuffed under my desk. I've tried running it with the side of my case off but that didn't help either. My power supply is 850 watts.

Thank you in advance!
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Bazzy 505

Jul 17, 2021
Temperatures you see are perfectly normal, both idle and full load. RTX 2070 and 2080 run that hot, after all they draw 1.5x the power of their previous gen equivalents.
All you can do about it is to make custom fan profile to prevent the pogo style fan rpm rollercoaster. Despite intimidating name, fan profiles are very easy to make.