Really quick question about ram cl7 and cl9


Jul 10, 2011
Hello so i bought some ram and it was very expensive and it was 4gb 1333mhz and cl7 and the max voltage was 1.65 and now i want to buy more ram so here are my choices i wonder if you can help me? 8 gb dual kit 1333 mhz ram cl9 or 1600 mhz cl9.
now my question simply is can cl9 ram work with cl7 ram and if the 1600mhz ram is going to be limmited to 1333mhz will it still be worth it to buy it?
Once you install the new RAM it should all run at the speed of the slowest RAM

But since cl7 1333 MHz and cl9 1600 MHz are likely to be identical hardware , and cl9 1333 is junk

Id buy the 1600MHz , let it run at 1333 and then tighten timings manually to cl7 if you can
I agree with Outlander for all the RAM info, but I don't recommend the purchase.

Why do you want to buy more RAM? If you have 4GB, I doubt it's bottlenecking you in many, if any, tasks. Also, two 4GB sticks for 8GB total will run faster than 12GB (2x2GB + 2x4GB) for most tasks.