Really really unstable computer/cpu... please help!!


Jul 10, 2009
Okay first of all, ill list my current specs of my computer

i7 920 @ 3.2 GHz
6gb G. Skill RAM 1600MHz 9-9-9-24
750w corsair
scythe mugen-2
640gb caviar black
evga SLI LE
XFX 4870 1GB
Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit

Recently... my computer has been REALLY buggy and unstable. I have a lot of cases that i had to delt with. Luckily, somehow, i'm on my computer now

Case 1)

I put my computer to sleep at night. I wake up and Aero is running very sluggish/laggy and i have to revert back to win 7 basic theme and everything is back to normal.
To fix this, i used driver sweeper and downloaded a new driver from 1/27/10 thanks to the guys on tomshardware. So far, Aero is running smoothly.

Case 2)

I come home from school and i push my power button and my computer usually turns on right away, since i put my computer to sleep all the time. I never turn it off. But this particular time, when i push the power button, my computer started up as if it shut down... and neither of my parents touched my computer- odd ? And when it was started up, it was REALLY REALLY slow. My screen just freezes at that screen where it lists your cpu and ram. And it listed my ram @ 1066 MHz and my CPU @ 2.67GHz... And to make things worse, my keyboard wasn't recognized for some reason. I plugged my keyboard into all the dif. usb ports but failed. So i thought that maybe my computer somehow overheated and had to do an emergency shut off? I went to a basketball game and i didn't think about it and i thought maybe the time away would let it cool off.

Case 3)

I booted up my computer again to see if things cooled off, but the same exact thing happened in case 2- 2.67 GHz, 1066 ram, and really slow boot.

To try to fix things up, i cleaned up the insides of my computer, remounted my scythe mugen-2, and i took out the ram-wiped it off- and then replaced.
After i cleaned things up, tried one more time. This time, it failed again.... and i was losing a lot of hope....

Case 4)

But i tried ONE LAST TIME... and this time.. my computer recognized my keyboard.... somehow... and i pressed f1 to continue and finally got to my desktop page.
Being really scared, i checked CPU-Z and ELEET overclocking utility to see whats going on. My ram was listed at 8-8-8-24 and my cpu at 2.67 GHz ... So i was like great, i have to overclocked again

Case 5)

So i rebooted and then went to the bios and stuff. Went to ram and cpu settings... but what? My ram was already listed as 9-9-9-24 and my CPU was already overclocked to 3.20 GHz... So i was like... what??? So i saved and exited.
As it was rebooting, the screen froze at the same screen frozen at before. Thinking i had failed agian... i tried to restart. And luckily, my computer booted up after the restart....

Right now)

Everything is back to normal- ram @ 8-8-8-24 1600 and CPU at 3.2 GHz but i have a feeling this is going to happen again.

P.S. - I have that thing in the bios that undervolts your CPU when idle, does that have anything to do with this?

Please help if you have ANY clue whats going on with my computer =[


Jul 10, 2009
okay great... my luck ran out =[

I'm on my dad's laptop now... and my computer wont even go to my sign-in screen. It just freezes at the start because it doesn't recognize my keyboard....

Any help?