Question Really strange secondary monitor flashing issue

Aug 8, 2019
So here's a problem I've been having for the past couple weeks which honestly has me stumped, usually I'm quite good at deducting where problems are emanating from but this particular situation is really something else.

I'm currently running a triple monitor setup, and have been for numerous years now, with no issues whatsoever. However, a couple of weeks ago one of my secondary monitors, after being inactive for a longer period of time, started flashing on and off whenever you'd try to turn it back on again. It was basically like someone was plugging and unplugging the power chord over and over again for 10ish minutes (with the computer recognizing the monitor for a brief second during the flash and then not after), but then after that period of time the monitor would turn on and work perfectly until you left it off for a while again. Those ten minutes of flashing eventually become 20, 30 and so on until the monitor just wouldn't work at all. So I first tried the logical thing of switching all the different cables with new ones, trying different ports and whatnot, but to no avail. Another strange part of this problem was that if you say, unplugged the displayport cable (which is the connection type this monitor used) it'd keep blinking, which led me to deduce that wasn't the issue. Also tried plugging it into another PC which still gave the same issues.

The obvious reaction to this is just that the monitor had some hardware problem and was basically broken, which is what I assumed. I have had that monitor for about 6 years now with no problems so I wasn't hugely surprised, if a bit annoyed. So I went out and got a brand new monitor and hooked it up instead.

Now here's the strange thing, it started happening again, although in a slightly different way. The new monitor still flashes on and off whenever it's been off for a while and you try to turn it on, but whereas the old one would lose the signal to the PC during these flashes (causing the desktops to rearrange over and over again as the monitor lost and regained connection), this new one is always recognized by the PC as plugged in during the flashing. I've tried changing displayport cables, ports on the GPU and power outlets without avail.

The reason this is so strange is that my deductive reasoning would lead me to believe that due to both monitors, one of which is brand new, having these very similar issues the problem shouldn't be in the actual monitors themselves, but with like a connection or the PC or something. But then it shouldn't be a problem with a connection since I've changed all the chords multiple times, tried different PCs etc. However if it's a problem with the PC somehow then how could it be that my first monitor's just completely fried now no matter what I plug it into? Something here just doesn't add up and I can't really figure anything out.

EDIT: Another thing I forgot to mention is that the new monitor I got also occasionally flashes black for like half a second to a second under use every once in a while, which the original one never did.

Here are some specs if it matters:

Intel i7-6700k @ 4GHz


Geforce GTX 2060

Main monitor: (this one's worked and still works perfectly) ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q 27" 1440p, via Displayport

Secondary monitor: First one that broke was an ASUS PB278Q 27" via displayport, the new one which is showing the same signs is a Lenovo L24q-10 .

Third display: (Works perfectly fine) Samsung 32" LED Smart TV UE32H5505

If anyone has any ideas at all I'd be really grateful, I'll try and provide any information you may possibly need.
You have tried different wall outlets right?

If you've changed every variable around the monitors, it might be possible that you had the misfortune of breaking a monitor and buying a broken monitor. Return it and try again I would say.

I don't think I've ever heard of a PC being able to damage a monitor.