Question Really struggling to find compatible RGB components

Jun 16, 2020
I'm really sorry, this would be easier with pictures, but it says "something went wrong. Please contact the administrator" when I try and post a picture


I have recently bought a new PC with a Gamemax Graphite MIDI case, which has a built in RGB controller which can be controlled by an included (though they didn't include one with mine) remote controller. I've watched an introduction to RGB video which talks about 3 pin ARGB and 4 pin RGB connections but I'm struggling to get hold of compatible kit for the case. The hub accepts 6 pin fans with the connector pictured here, and 4 pin LED strips with connectors of a similar size (not the big kind like pictured here.)

So far I have:

Ordered a a halo fan with the 6 pin adapter. It had additional plastic on the plug and had to be forced in to the socket, although it goes in all the way so all the pins touch. It hardly lights up and doesn't spin as fast as the other fans

Tried to order an RGB GPU brace. The listing said 4 PIN 5v connector which I assumed would be the same small 4 pin connector but it had a SATA power connector on it so I'm officially stumped

Tried to order a 30cm RGB LED strip but most of the listings don't show the connector they use. Ironically, the most common RGB strip I'm finding is by Gamemax but I emailed them and it doesn't work with this case

What am I doing wrong here? And are there standard names for some of these connectors which might result in a more productive Google search?