Question Really weird noise coming from PC

Apr 13, 2021
I built a pc ~5 months ago. After 3 months I started noticing a strange sound coming from the gpu when the fans were above 50%; it was a RTX 2060 from Asus. I RMA'd the card, and this week my new card arrived. I ended up getting a RTX 3060 from Galax. The problem is that it makes the exact same noise, at the exact same circunstances. But I'm starting to notice it when the card fans are at 0%! The intriguing thing is that i only hear it at some angles, if I put my head close to the case I don't hear it anymore (yes, i've turned everything around the PC off, it's definitely coming from it). So, it must be something else right? When the card is above 50% I can hear it if I put my head on the side of the case, and it's definetly coming from the gpu, but when the fans are not running i can't locate the sound. Did I get another bad GPU? Why is the same sound happening when the gpu fans are stopped? What is making that noise? What should I RMA? Is there any way to fix without RMAing anything? Thanks in advance!

Here's a link of the sound (it's like a hum hum hum, kinda though to hear, but if you ramp up our audio you may be able to hear it) View:


I can't hear it over normal background noise.

Probably coil whine. It can sound like a growl, a motorcycle, buzzing, whining, or squealing. Might also be your PSU doing it.

With Nvidia GPUs it usually follows FPS output. So if you are running like 200FPS it may become more audible and confirm it for you.

If you can locate the component making the noise, you can try dampening it with a bit of silicone caulking. A wooden pencil/dowel/chopstick held lightly and probe around till you feel a vibration.