Question Really weird set of problems on two laptops? [Windows 10] crackling noise

Aug 27, 2020
Crackling exploding noises from keyboard & switching off.. really weird set of problems after update & very full memory..

Okay I am really confused. A few days ago both of my laptops began to go slow which means they need an update. It popped up on one and I searched it on another. Just before this I downloaded Audacity on both from the official website.. I decided not to bother with a restore point. The lid of the laptop is cracked on the back since about a year ago.
It has been going very slow and slow to get in as I put a password and that little screen sometimes takes 15 minutes to appear or work.

It also keeps saying the battery isn't in or popping up and off over and over every 2 seconds, I assumed the charger or it's wire had lost it's connection/was loose. So I just kept it plugged in a lot of the time. It has been heavily used over the past while and put on hibernate all the time if it matters.

Yesterday it started to make a fan like noise from the keyboard which I alarmingly assumed was the hard drive... ?
It got worse to the point it was crackling loud when I wasn't touching it, and popping, I thought it was about to explode! Also it kind of sounds like something might be broken off inside and is maybe getting flung around (kind of like plastic dust) or otherwise it's this weird noise as above.

I waited about 3 hours for it to switch on, first it wouldn't go past the ASUS screen and the circular dot thing crashed and I restarted. It did it again and the screen came on but was black. I did it again and it fully came on but with about an hour wait at the password area. About a week ago I tried to update it and it took hoooours and then when it finished it said it didn't work then spent an hour undoing it.

I couldn't get it into safe mode because the new computers are stupid with that, and nothing I pressed worked, but I managed to save some things. The crackling got louder and more constant and the computer switched itself off then did so more often and is unusable right now but I am giving it a break.

I also got 2 or 3 blue screens, one was right when this problem started and just before the crackling but they're coming up quicker now. The first one said it had to check the disk and took a while like updates.

My other laptop, about 6 months old, notebook actually, went black the other day, wouldn't switch on OR OFF (even when pressing the button! JAMMING it in) and was just weird and I am concerned it was that update. I am tying on that laptop now...

I want to save my data on the crackling one, what is my best option as it literally seems like the hard drive is about to die or explode but the last few times it only stayed on for about a minute at most. And I know nothing about computers so it could be anything.

It's all very weird. Can a computer guy somehow save my data, will I mess it up if I keep switching it on to try?

I have 2 drives in it apparently (C and D?) and both are very full. I only had about 5gb left on one which was showing red. I managed to clear it to about 10gb. What would be the best way to save stuff of that size? If I use my external hard drive it will say like "completion time in 8 years".

edit: I put this in software due to the update and the fact it was taking like an hour to go on but eventually did, but it's probably not software, I'm confused.