Question Really weird taskbar issues on Windows 10

Sep 6, 2020
Hey, I think I'm getting an extremely specific, bizarre issue with the taskbar that I'll try my best to articulate. On the past few startups of my PC I begin to launch the usual programs I do, but on my taskbar any program that has two different windows from it, (for example 2 different file explorer tabs) or Steam + the Steam friends list simply can't be opened even after I have fully launched them. I'll try to explain it better; I login to Steam and see the store page and everything but then minimize it to go look at Chrome. When I try to maximize Steam from the taskbar it shows me the small preview image at the bottom but it sort of just flickers if that makes sense, and I literally can't reopen it from the taskbar. Keep in mind that this isn't just with Steam, as I get it with any program so long as there is more than one "tab" of it open. The weirdest part about all of this is that restarting my PC after encountering this problem completely fixes it until the next day when I startup my PC another time. I can't help but feel like some obscure setting got enabled that broke my taskbar, and I have literally no idea how to fix it. Been looking across forums for multiple days and haven't found anyone else with the same issue. Any and all help is appreciated, and thank you in advance!


Win 10 Master
what are details of the PC? Does it happen in safe mode?

Try a clean boot and see if it changes anything - make sure to read instructions and make sure NOT to disable any microsoft services or windows won't load right -

if clean boot fixes it, it shows its likely a startup program. You should, over a number of startups. restart the programs you stopped to isolate the one that is to blame.

try this
right click start button
choose powershell (admin)
type SFC /scannow and press enter
once its completed, copy/paste this command into same window:

Repair-WindowsImage -Online -RestoreHealth
and press enter

SFC fixes system files, second command cleans image files, re run SFC if it failed to fix all files and restart PC

I found a case like yours and that is what suggested SFC above -