Question Really weird white cast on screen where letters from tabs are visible?

Feb 23, 2019
Alright so a few hours ago i noticed that on the top of my desktop screen, there was a faint white cast, looking a little bit like dirt. I tried to clean it with the specific products i have for this kind of cleaning, nothing seemed to move. I then started thinking of bad pixels, i run the colour tests and it didn't seem to be noticeable in any of them. It was nowhere to be seen both on white and black screen. So i thought i should leave it like that and see how it progresses (it's not on warranty nor can i afford a new display). It is really visible on light gray and dark gray (like on photoshop).
Although a few moments later i noticed something extremely weird to me. I had a few tabs open for a project and when i closed them and returned to photoshop, several letters from the tabs were left on the white part...I will insert some pictures but i don't know if they're sufficient to judge the problem.
For example, i had a tab open that contained a large logo and the title Stenciling, and where the white cast is, you could see half the logo and the letters "Stenc" and a V that i assume is from the "X" of the tabs.
They do fade after a while almost entirely but it's also extremely weird so i have no idea what to expect or how worried i should be.
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