Question Realtek Audio Drivers crashing my new system

Jul 31, 2019
Something I've always disliked a tiny bit is how Windows 10 automatically downloads all the drivers you need, not even telling you where they came from. Anyhow, I've gotten around to installing MSI Live 6 to see what drivers I'm missing (yes I checked on the manufacturers page for the drivers too and they're the same) and it's the Realtek Network Drivers and the HD Universal drivers which contain the audio supposedly. I uninstalled the old High Definition Audio Device from Device Manager (not sure if that matters). Installing both and rebooting goes fine, but after 5 minutes either a game I'm playing or just browsing leads to a hard crash with a loud buzzing noise. One time I got a blue screen for a driver error. I mean, the sound is working fine, but I'm missing out on the Realtek Control Panel and some other features.

My system:
MSI B450 Gaming Plus
Ryzen 5 3600x
Rx 5700
16GB 3200 Patriot Steel Viper
Adata SU630 480GB SSD
Seasonic 700W