Question Realtek audio missing

Jun 19, 2019
So far i have tried i think almost everything to try and redownload the drivers, but it doesnt work. It started when i resetted my pc to clean up and try to fix another issue (black screens). After that realtek was gone. I could find it in devices but i couldnt open it or find it in the system files. I reinstalled windows (using usb) and everything was fine except my taskbar was white. No big deal. I didnt use my pc a few days and when i booted it up today my seach bar didnt work. I resetted and (always have resseted or reinstalled deleting everything from hard drive) then again realtek was gone. I reinstalled windows using usb again but this time realtek was still gone, searchbar however did work again and the task bar was now black. I did it again, now formatting the partition i was going to install it on and it still didnt work. I have no clue why a fresh reinstall of windows keeps having the same problem. Do i need to buy a new hard drive? Or is it maybe my other hardware? Can anyone please help? I am so stressed about this i cant even focus on school.

Gigabyte A320M-s2h
Rx 580 asus rog strix gaming oc
Ryzen 5 2600
16gb ram corsair vengeance
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Jan 22, 2020
Hi, I can try and help you fix the problem you're having. So, when you say Realtek is "gone," do you mean that there is no audio, or you can't find a specific program? Personally, I've always hated Realtek's drivers. One way that you might be able to quickly fix this is by rolling back drivers.

Once Windows is installed it automatically will download the Realtek drivers for your computer. After they are installed, I would restart the PC, and then rollback the drivers to Microsoft's stock windows audio driver. To do this, search for "Device Manager" in windows search. Once you open it, look under "Sound, video and game controllers." Double click the "Realtek" device, and go to the drivers tab. From there, click the button that says "rollback driver."

Hope this helps :)