Question Realtek Audio Not Working With razer Kraken

Feb 4, 2021
Hello everyone,
I recently built an new pc and when I was trying it out I noticed the audio was very weird. Essentially the video was perfectly fine except the voices were very quiet and made the audio sound very weird and games and videos difficult to listen to. I have installed the Realtek audio drivers and the Realtek HD audio manager along with the 7.1 surround sound but the problem remained. The problem was happening before the 7.1 drivers as well. At one point I tried using a different pair of headphones not meant for gaming and without surround sound and the worked great. I should also mention that the headset worked on my old laptop without an issue and I do not know what would be causing the issue.
A couple of solutions I have tried were switching to HD audio instead of Realtek and it did not work, I tried updating, changing things in settings like turning off enhanced audio etc. I have not tried reinstalling but I am willing to if people think it would help!
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!