Question Realtek HD Audio Manager Issue, Windows 10 Pro


Nov 13, 2017
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Hi community, so my problem is I've been using Windows 7 up until last week, when I installed a new SSD and cloned my old HDD to it, so I decided to install Windows 10 in the new SSD, and removed everything from my HDD, anyways, in Win 7, I have connected both my Speakers and my Headphones and been switching them whenever I felt like it from this window: View:

I just clicked the headphones or speakers icon, and set them as default, with the checkmark at the bottom, then the audio would switch between them, but now I can't do that in Win 10 Pro. Because the speakers and headphones in the Realtek Manager get mixed up, so whenever I try to switch, it's as if just the headphones are that same input, and there's no audio coming out of my speakers from Realtek HD. I have an AMD RX 570 with a gigabyte mobo (yes I'm going to upgrade it soon), so the AMD HD audio drivers get installed every damn time, and my Speakers are functioning with them, but what I like about the Realtek manager is the equalization, which really boosts the audio, and it sounds much better with my settings, and I can't really do that with the Windows settings, since there's not even equalization. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling the drivers, disabling the AMD ones, but it just disables my Speakers and only my Headphones work, also my Speakers are in the back panel, and my Headphones are in the front panel. Here are more pictures from my settings: View:

- The LG IPS one is the AMD driver that my Speakers use 0.o

Please help me.

Edit: Now my LG IPS one is using the headphones too, and my Speakers won't sound WTF, until I disconnect the headphones then they work again...

Edit 2: If I keep the headphones disconnected, the Speakers now work with the Realtek Manager and I can set the Equalization, but I have to keep the headphones disconnected -.-