Question Realtek HD Audio No Longer Working - ASUS M5A99FX Pro R2.0

Mar 31, 2019
I've seen similar topics to this but so far have seen no real advice or people who seem to explain the problem well enough, and they get advice that I've already done.

Anyways, my audio setup was working perfectly fine - I had my Razer keyboard plugged into the rear green line out audio port on the MOBO, and my earbuds plugged into the keyboard.

This morning, my father decided to clean my PC case because it was quite dusty. He took out all the components, took it outside, cleaned it, put it back together.

After booting, the audio no longer works. I've tried using the case front audio ports, and the rear audio ports, both plugging my keyboard+earbud combo directly into the ports, and plugging the earbuds directly in. I've updated my Realtek HD drivers to the latest from the MOBO website (which was recommended to be done by Realtek's website).

The Realtek HD Audio program detects whenever my earbuds are plugged into a port. It detects the front ports and the rear ports - all 6 of them.

The issue is two fold: I cannot hear audio from the PC come through the earbuds, and there is a cracking/high pitched sound in its place. Sound is fine coming through my monitor.

I've seen some other people ask some fairly obvious questions so I will answer then beforehand:

Yes, Realtek High Definition Audio is my default device. Yes it is enabled. Yes the drivers are up to date. NVIDIA audio outputs are still disabled (as they've always been). In the past I would disable Realtek if I wanted audio through my monitor. Disabling Realtek still lets this happen.

Also, disabling Realtek from the Sound/Playback menu does NOT stop the cracking/high pitched noise.

Some people I've seen have said "oh maybe the sound hardware is fried" - however I can't tell since the motherboard still recognizes whenever a component is plugged in.

I -think- I may have had this issue when I first setup my PC, butt that was many moons ago and I can't remember.

Anyone, I hope someone has some advice or can help me.



Jan 1, 2014
Here is the issue the parts were was not grounded than any part from that system can be damaged. Wirh ESD damage does not have to be total for any device. Meaning it could had a shock and than it can just malfunction due to the damage. Plus you do not have to disassemble a computer to clean it. Use compressed air.