Rear Audio Ports not working properly on Asus Z97-k


Dec 13, 2015
Ok. I will lay out the problem.

The front audio panel works. But I get interference (static noise) when playing cs go. Both left and right of the headset and the mic work fine.

I decided to use the back audio ports. The next problem was that the satan spawn that is Realtek audio manager keeps saying that the device is unplugged and connected. I managed to fix this problem by pulling out the HD audio cable from inside my pc. So now the front ports are disabled and only the back ports should work (motherboard ports).

Realtek is updated.
I am not using a hdmi port and the audio is not going through there.

When I have the audio plugs plugged into the back ports, the right earphone works. but the left does not. It makes a crackling noise and then nothing when using the test function. so i then went to configure and I managed to get a small sound out of it. But nothing is really coming out. The thing is. This isn't a problem with the headset; as both sides of the headphones work fine when using the front ports.
So I am guessing it is either something wrong with the driver, the realtek software, or a physical defect to the motherboard? or....???

At this point I have considered buying a soundcard, but they are expensive and I may as well buy a new motherboard. I will never buy from asus or anything that has realtek on it again im sso fucking pissed. Audio shouldn't be this hard to get working it's 2015.
Is there anything else I can add to help? Photos of the ports my cables are plugged into? My headset model? screenshots of my


Jan 9, 2012
You could try removing the driver and try using the default Windows audio driver. In my opinion the audio quality is the same.
Have you tried connecting speakers? Maybe the onboard audio is not compatible with your headphones for some reason.
That probably won't solve the problem. I have a feeling that the rear audio port is faulty and you should return the motherboard. The vendor will probably replace a defected motherboard.