Question Rear Speaker Issue Lenovo / W10


Aug 31, 2019
I know this should be an easy fix, but I've researched and seemingly tried everything short of mother board or hardware type swamps I've seen in some posts. This is a 1 year old Lenovo, where the rear green speaker jack was working until recently.

I use the "Speakers" (Realtek High-Def Audio) as my default device. When that's set as default I can freely transfer between using externals speakers and the HP monitor speaker. I simply unplug the speakers (or change the device the bottom right speaker tray) and the sounds switches as it should. However, this is only working now when the external speakers are in the headset jack. Using the rear green jack was working from the day I bought this computer -- it stopped working when I plugged a headset into the headset jack or possibly on last Windows update (both occurred on the same day and I'm not sure when I noticed the issue).

The system acts like the rear panel jack is working visually -- when I unplug the external speaker wire from the headset jack I can see the "Speakers" sound bar stop pulsing and the HP monitor sound bar start pulsing. When I plug it into the back panel the "Speakers" sound bar starts pulsing again, but this time with no sound.

Thanks for any help.