Question Rear USB ports aren't working ?

Feb 27, 2021
Guys, Idk what happened but nowadays my rear USB ports aren't working which is really weird coz except for the USB ports all other ports like VGA, PS/2, mic, and speaker ports are totally working fine.

I took it to the pc repair shop they said the problem is with the motherboard USB ports are dead then I take it back to my house after a week it started to work again as my cousin unexpectedly inserted a pen-drive in one of the back USB ports. I was totally confused it worked for 3 days but after that again it stopped working, it's really weird lol.
My pc specs are :

Motherboard - B75MS
Cpu - I5 3470 (IGPU)
Memory - 4gb ddr3 ram
PSU - 450W Zeb