Question Reason for PC crash after opening a program?

Jan 13, 2020
i have deleted a mp3 file in a folder, which was used by my audio software at that time and the pc crashed immediatly.
Since then my PC crashes after an unpredictable time.
It crashed again and again after i´ve tried to open the windows explorer and different other software.
Sometimes at first action after reboot (opening windows explorer), sometimes 2-5 minutes later after opening different software. Even watching a 10 minute Tutorial movie offline.

I changed the RAM´s slots and thought problem was solved, cause i could work for maybe 10-20 minutes in a video editing software after that.
But then it crashed again ana again as soon i wanted to open the software again.

Any ideas what the reason could be? Software, Hardware?
How can i check the reason and fix this?

My System:
Win 8.1 pro
Motherboard: MSI Z97 PC Mate
CPU: Intel Core i7 4790 - 3.6 Ghz
GC: Sapphire R9 280X OC - 3GB
RAM: Kingston HyperX T2 Predator 16 GB
HHDs: SSD Samsung 840 EVO 250GB, WD 1 B Blue 7200 SATA 3

Thanks in advance

me 1

Oct 2, 2010
Does it do the same in safe mode?
Look for clues in event viewer.
Also, did you personalized some windows sound setting, was that file used as as a windows startup sound by any chance?
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Jan 13, 2020
Hey guys, thanks for your quick replies.
I´m new here so I didn´t expect that. :)

After asking my question here, I went to the store yesterday to looking for some new RAM´s, cause somehow i thought maybe that´s the reason.

I got a tip to check my RAM´s writing mdsched in the command prompt.
So i did.
I went first with the basic setting and it found no problems.
I wanted to be sure and I ran it a second time with the advanced setting.
Maaan, it took nearly 10 hours. :oops:

I worked a few hours last night, to check if everything is ok and it seems fine again. Hopefully.
So thanks again for your help.

Have a nice day. :)