Reboot and select device message now on startup


Feb 15, 2012
Ok, my HDD failed on me, so I tried to restore it using "tesk disk". Now my laptop wont boot up, it just comes up with a black screen, with the message, "reboot and select device message now on startup". Its all manufacturer bought and everything the laptop, is there any way to fix this? Thanks in advance. Any way to salvage data? Anyway to return to normal functioning? Thanks

if the drive has a hardware failure only a data recovery lab might be able to pull your data off the drive. if the drive is seen in the bios of the laptop. i would try the hard drive vendor tools to see if it can fix the drive issue. if not sometime some of the free drive recovery software may be able to get the drive to boot one or more times for you to use a usb stick and copy your data off. if the laptop under warranty it time to use it. i would also look into a usb or network drive when you get your laptop back so that you can copy your personal files to a back up device if the laptop fails again.