Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected


Aug 16, 2011
i have a problem with my computer id est

Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device


Jan 27, 2009
did you just install new windows? do you have more than 1 hard drive? if you answer yes to both, remove all your hard drives except your windows drive, reinstall OS, boot, shutdown, add other drives.

if you said no, double check bios settings.
Was the computer running before and now is not working or is this a new system never before working? If old, working system then see if your hard drive has failed. BIOS has a display that will tell you the devices it found.

system configuration: "an awesome one " what version of windows, what hardware, etc.

Is there a CDROM that the PC might think is bootable in the CD/DVD drive? If so remove it and try re-booting.

Download a bootable diagnostic and see if it will boot. Either USB based or a CD ISO image you burn to a CD. Or if you have retail windows then boot off the windows install disk. See if you can find the diagnostics on it, but mostly you want to see it boot.

Many things hit the disk master boot record and make it unbootable. They can ususally be fixed without data loss. If you hear the hard disk working, but can't boot off it then goggle MBR repair. That will point you to a number of similar fails and the tools that can repair them.