Question Reboot/Crash when installing any OS to drive

May 25, 2019
I am already past most troubleshooting advice, so here's my final setup which produces the crash 100% of the time:

Motherboard z390 aorus elite
CPU i7 8700k
1 8GB RAM stick lp corsair vengeance
CPU fan
Samsung 860 EVO ssd

I plug in a windows (or linux) boot stick, run through the setup and everytime I get to "copying windows files" the PC reboots into the windows installation setup again. It does make Partitions beforehand.

I tried different ram slots, different sata cables.

I am pretty sure the motherboard is dead, but would love any ideas you guys might have.
This would sooner sound like the storage drive is faulty (being as you have tried different SATA cables). The fact that it appears to work fine until you install, would sooner point to storage.
Can you try installing onto another drive to test?

Certainly wouldn't suspect this to be a motherboard issue off the bat, I would only consider this once I'd eliminated everything else.