Question Reboot my computer without entering an email.

Sep 26, 2020
Hello, I hope you all feel reasonably well in these times.

I have a thought.
- I had in fact intended to restore my desktop computer to get a fresh start but would not want to enter an E-Mail at the start-up of it. The last time I restored my computer, I had to either enter an existing Microsoft E-Mail or create a new one, or enter my phone number. To restore the computer, I had intended to boot from a USB stick from the boot menu, but the last time I did so, as I mentioned above, I had to leave Mail / phone number.

I would like to do as they do in computer stores - That is, do not register with anything but simply reset the computer and then enter a name for it. Does anyone know how to proceed to do this?

All the best, Jackie.


Retired Mod
Unplug your system from the internet and do not connect via WiFi if prompted by the installer.

When you get to the point of the installation where it asks you to enter your email address, look down in the lower left hand side of the screen, there will be an option to click that says "continue without entering email address" or "continue with local account" or something along those lines, and also at some point "continue without internet access" when prompted for that as well. Once you get back into Windows you can connect but you will now have a local account instead of an online MS account type of installation.

I would not recommend doing a restore or refresh unless there is data on the system now that is recoverable and that you NEED to recover, in which case I'd probably pull the drive and attach it to another system, move the files off and then go ahead and do a clean install anyhow.