Question Reboot while idling in a new Ryzen system.

Jul 14, 2020
Hello all.

TL;DR I've played around with some RAM overclocking and power management and now my system reboots after 2-5 minutes of ANY use or even just idling.

So I've recently built a new AMD system and I'm having some problems. I will try to write it up in as much detail as I can remember so there's full picture.

After I've assembled the PC and installed Windows all was fine. I've disabled some annoying lights on the MB and started updating all the firmware and software. So AMD chipset driver, BIOS and GPU driver are all the latest. Then I've installed all the monitoring software necessary because my idle CPU temps seemed too high (49-62C randomly). I have since read that this is basically fine for 3600, this isn't the issue now.

After I tweaked some stuff in BIOS like disabled PBO, set up a custom CPU fan curve and then adjusted the power profile in Windows (AMD High Performance, min power to 1%, max to 100%) the temps became better and the fan stopped ramping up and down.

Then I decided to overclock RAM and IF. Found some OC manual OC guide (since Nanya chips in my RAM isn't supported by the DRAM Calculator), set the RAM to 3200CL16 and the IF to 1600. The system booted and seemed stable in light stuff like web browsing.

Also at that point the PC was on for like 4 hours while I was watching some videos and reading stuff about overclocking and power management, everything was just fine. Didn't get to play any games or load the system in some other way though.

Then I decided to try and bump the RAM to 3600. Set the voltage to 1.4V, the IF to 1800, didn't touch the CPU voltage at that point. The system got stuck in a bootloop. So fair enough, I discharched the power button, cleared CMOS, booted into BIOS. Then dialed in the last successful RAM configuration (3200CL16, voltage on Auto), set up the fan curve again, didn't touch anything else, booted into Windows no problem.
I still was getting this temp pattern in HWinfo, so after some further reading I've decided to do a voltage offset of 0.1V on the CPU and try and run Prime95 to determine whether my load temps were okay.

System seemed stable with the offset, so I ran the test, the temps were sitting at around 67C for the first ~5 minutes, the suddenly shot up to 85C and stayed there for the next ~5 minutes more until I shut it down.
That's where it all broke down. After I left the PC idling to cool down, the temps dropped to around 65C and refused to go lower, the CPU fan was ramping up and down (I think 65C was around where my fan curve was supposed to rise). That continued for ~3 minutes, then the system rebooted. Upon loading the temps were about where and how the were before Prime95, but then after ~3 minutes the system rebooted again while I was watching some Youtube.

I turned it off, let cool for around an hour just to be sure, cleared CMOS, left BIOS at default settings, loaded into Windows and right away changed the power profile to how it was at default. The system still keep inexplicably rebooting after 2-5 minutes of any light use. I checked that all the connectors are seated properly, the cooler is screwed down tightly, I reseeded the RAM into each others slots (dunno why but whatever). Still the same behaviour.

I'm out of options and losing hope.

This is my system below. Everything is brand new except for the GPU (around a year old) and the PSU (around 3 months old), both were working in my i5 3470 system with no issues. The case is cooled sufficiently, my MB and drive temps are around 40C, the GPU is in low 30C at idle.

CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (OEM)
Motherboard - Asus ROG Strix B450-I Gaming ITX
RAM - HyperX Fury 2x8Gb 2666MHz HX426C16FB3K2/16
SSD - Samsung 970EVO 250Gb MZ-V7E250BW
GPU - Palit GTX 1050Ti
PSU - Seasonic FOCUS Plus Platinum 650W
Cooler - Noctua NH-U9S
Case - Cougar QBX

My only theory at this point is that there might be something wrong with the BIOS seeing that the latest version is about 3 weeks old. But didn't manage to find any complains about it so far from other people.
pls help