Question Rebooting now appears to go into wait state/loop


Mar 22, 2021
Here is my hardware:

Motherboard: ASUS Pro-Art B550-CREATOR
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x 6-core
RAM: 64GB G.SKILL Ripjaws-V Series;
Graphics: Gigabyte GEFORCE GTX 1650 Windforce OC 4GB;
PSU: Corsair 850 RM850x;
Storage: SAMSUNG 980 Pro Series M.2 (500GBx2 & 1TB);
O/S: Windows 64 Pro; version 21H2, OS build 19044.22512
Machine build date: 2021-06-08

Everything attached via Tripplite and Furman power conditioners.

I have been operating with the system powered up, but in sleep mode (everything sleeps after 2 minutes, when I want to work on the machine, I change the timeout to 3 hours, then return to two minutes when I'm done). Everything was hunky dory; whenever I did power down/restart (applying updates), the system would reboot properly.

Then, on October 5th, in preparation for a short trip away from home, I powered the machine down completely for three days. When I returned and powered the machine up, it behaved differently. After the POST, when the blue Windows icon appeared, instead of proceeding to the logon screen, the machine appeared to go into a wait state: low fan useage, no activity otherwise. After 10 minutes, I pressed the power button and after cycling through god-knows what state, I got a successful system boot.

Since that time, I have applied updates twice, with the same what-is-going-on boot behavior. Most recently, I had to pres the power-up button twice to shake the system out of its stupor.

The world wide interweb has been of no help, and ASUS hasn't provided any insight, either.

Any ideas? I am mystified.
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I've had a similar issue crop up, being away from my machine(powered down and the wall outlet switched off), turned out that the OS was pending an update. If you see the issue persists, I'd suggest reinstalling the OS after recreating your bootable USB installer using Windows Media Creation Tools. Might also be a good idea to check and see if you've got BIOS updates pending for your motherboard prior to the reinstall.

Just a little, pointer, I personally don't like leaving the system on, in sleep mode since it still draws power from the wall(and can be attributed to vampiric power draw from the wall outlet) and with the advent of raised power bills, I feel it's a better idea to power down your system when you're away from it. If you've installed all components correctly and you don't have any hardware issues, your system should boot to OS GUI in less than 30 seconds. I've been practicing this method of computing(once done) for the past decade, or so.