rebuilding my old rig, please help



i am totally upgrading my computer right now

This is what it is right now

And these are the things i am adding OCZ 2gig DDR2 800 2.5 Ghz Pentium Dual core 800 fsb 45 nm ASUS LGA 775 800/1066 FSB DDR2 800

I have a 250 watt psu rightnow and i was wondering if it would work with the rig

And is the motherboard compatible w/ the pentium dual core? i don't know if it is 45 nm capable

Please reply



thanks proximon,

However, i don't want to change the mobo. i want a lot of RAM for expansion.

And please answer my question about whether the ASUS is 45 nm capable?


Well i want to do some gaming on it, and it will be used for internet use and media, so i need something sturdy, fast and reliable. Doesn't matter if it is older, as long as it is not too old. the nvidia looked fine to me, is there anything wrong with it?

So the computer should be stable and pretty fast, but i am on a tight budget.

thanks for any suggestions.


Sorry, I want to stick to intel on this pc, i will be using AMD on my other project though, so thanks.

I am biased towards intel but I am still open minded about AMD. Just not on this comp since it is for my parents and me but I don't want to complicate things in this simple setup.

If you find a good intel one then please suggest it. Right now I am back to the original ASUS mobo, since it is intel.


I had another question.

Is this setup compatible with the 40 gig Maxtor UltraDMA Drive? I have right now

What is UltraDMA? I have heard of SATA and IDE but not this
The thing is the onboard graphics. Dismal in the 965 board. 1 step up in the G31 board I first linked.

The 7100 board you linked is probably around the performance of the G31, only less stable.

780G, or even 760G, are going to be better performers by a good chunk:

So you get a board like this:

And you get all sorts of features that you seem to need.
1. Superior onboard graphics
2. 4 slots for RAM and up to 16GB supported
3. Support for the latest CPUs from AMD, which are quite good and affordable.

Read my guide if you haven't. I'm no AMD fanboy, and recommend Intel builds all day, but you really seem to need an AMD board.

Sorry, that's all I have. If you throw out gaming completely, the G965 chipset is probably fine.



That's ok Proximon, you have helped alot.

I will just get the original ASUS but then I will upgrade the graphics later. Besides the gaming I want to do will be minor. But for the minor gaming I will be doing, I just need the ASUS and then in the future I will get a somewhat good graphics card.