Rebuilding my PC...?!?


Mar 28, 2011

Got a DELL GX620 PC, love it, but im a bit limited to the choice of graphic cards and low psu...

Im thinking about rebuilding the PC anew with the same motherboard etc for cheap money, my budget is really low.

The system specs are:
CPU: Pentium D 930
HDD: 2 TB seagte Sata 2
PSU: 275W standard BTX supply
GPU: HD 5450 1GB DDR3
RAMM: 4 GB dual channel 533mhz DDR2
And its SFF....So im kinda very limited with power.

Im thinking bout getting a normal PC casing like this one FRONTIER PE01A-BK/BK 450W midi-tower black and I wonder if I will be able to change the PSU from BTX to ATX and if the Motherboard can be installed from a SFF to Midi Tower? Looking to be able to fit the PC with better graphics like the 8800 GTS or HD 6670

I use the PC mainly for Media, Corel, Photoshop and some MMO games like WoW, EVE, WoT etc