[SOLVED] Reccomend a B550 Motherboard for me


Nov 20, 2015
Hi...can anyone reccomend a good B550 Motherboard for my build (5800X/6800XT,1 PCI-E4 SSD, 64Gb of 3600MHZCL16 RAM)
I don't want to pay a fortune (as if I did i'd be getting an x570) but want one that's got a front panel USB-C connector and LOADS of USB ports on the back (Flight Sim peripherals) - don't need Wi-Fi.
I like the MSI MAG B550 Tomahawk - but it is very stingy with the USB ports - are there any equivilents with more?
How many USB ports do you need? What a board lacks in back panel ports is usually made up with headers to attach for front panel ports.

you might check out Gigabyte B550 Aorus Elite...although I'm unsure if it has a USB-C header for front panel.