Question Receiver tuner can't find favorite FM station

Oct 1, 2019
Receiver: Sony Sony STR-DH190

The 190 is my specific receiver, but I'm wondering if my "problem" may pertain to their other receivers in this series. I just installed the receiver last week, and everything works fine, including scanning for FM stations. It found my favorite FM station, and I've been listening to it . . . . . until two days ago. It's a public radio station, and occasionally the signal gets weak when they are doing maintenance, and I have to change to an alternate frequency. No problem. Bottom line: normal station got weak, and changed to alternate. Still no problem. The signal is back (I listen to it in my car and other sources) so I tried to scan back on the receiver, and now the tuner isn't finding either station. All the other area stations are found, but not mine. What gives?

Problem #2: I can't find anywhere how to look for stations on this receiver MANUALLY. At least on my old receiver I had that option. I'm hoping there is someone out there who is familiar with this series, and has the Secret Code that they don't put in the manual. I can't believe I'm stuck with only scannable stations or the radio station app to use with the receiver's bluetooth.

Please help!