Recent lag in Warhammer Total War

May 8, 2018
Hey guys,

Lurker but first poster.

I have an issue and am hoping that I can get some help. I'll detail my timeline as best as possible as I describe the issue.


GPU GFX 1060
CPU i7
16 gb RAM
256 GB solid state with OS

Purpose built by pc specialist.


1). I downloaded some photos and a couple of documents from my old pc, all over 4 or 5 minths old (no Day 0, or hour 0 stuff). I used a pen drive, I virus checked everything coming across. Both machines use Bitdefender paid for version. Some photos from the internet, most from my camera, approx 50gb of stuff, years of photos.

2). After the weekend when I boot up my favourite game I get gfx lag, it suddenty drops from the average 37 fps to 2 fps for approx 3-4 seconds and then reverts to normal.

2a). There was a driver update available, so I updated my drivers after the first lags. No change.

2b). Error reproduced when not logged onto the internet.

3). The only thing that correlates is the fact that every time to error occurs I get a spike in my Task Manager graphs which correspond to my 1060 GPU where video encode spike a little and Compute_0 spike a lot.

4). I ran Bitdefender and found no infections. I installed Malwarebytes (first time so temporary premium) and ran it on all settings, nothing. I installed Ccleaner and cleaned. I ran the windows inbuilt malicious software detection and removal tool, nothing. I ran the inbuilt Chrome virus detection and removal tool, nothing.

4a). I ran a 3.5 hour memtest 64 (84?) and got no errors.

5). I defragged my HD.

6). I ran supsersition benchmark and it gave me normal results and didn't lag. Temps didn't run hotter than 72'C. I have a laptop 'table' with two large inbuilt fans to take heat away from the machine. Room temp where I am now is around 16 - 21'C currently.

7). I tried Bloodbowl 2 last night for twenty minutes and got no lag but haven't had time to play a full game.

8). The lag seems less frequent now, approx once every 7-12 minutes.

Things left to do.

a). Check to see if error is still there when internet and antivrus suite are both off.

b). Play other games to determine if it is specific.

c). Take and action advice :)

The fact that the video encode and compute_0 error are always reproduced is interesting but I do not know when they mean in relaity.

Thanks in advance!

May 8, 2018
No I haven't. I have come across the acronym DDU previously as I hunted for solutions and possible causes. Can you link me to what it is? Obviously I assume it is a driver cleaning tool.

I didn't say that I had 3 - 4 months playing with no issues at all and then suddenly for no obvious reason I would have these graphical lag spikes, all after transferring some files across. I overestimated the amount of files, it was more like 20-25gb.
May 8, 2018
Well. The game stopped working totally after I tried running it in windowed mode and then with administrator privaleges. Now it works again but only if I run Steam as an admin. To me this suggests that it is a conflict of some type, thoughts?

So to recap, the game won't run unless steam is run as admin and when I do that the lag is gone.