Question Recent problem - getting less than 10Mbps on what should be a 400Mbps connection.


Sep 25, 2013
TLDR Summary: Paying for 400Mbps with Suddenlink, now consistently getting less than 10Mbps as of past week. Can provide multiple speed test results. Have tested with two modems, two computers, wired into router, wired into modems, wireless, all with same low results. Need help figuring out what's going on and if I can fix it myself. Thanks!

Hello all,

This past week, I've noticed a vast decrease in the bandwidth that I'm getting through my Internet plan. I'm paying for 400Mbps with Suddenlink, but, since the 21st (and probably a few days before), I've started to consistently get less than 25Mbps, with my download speed frequently dropping below 5Mbps. Occasionally I'll see a spike back up to a speed closer to what I should be getting, but that's usually (but not always) after a reboot of my modem and/or router, either by myself or Suddenlink, and these higher speeds quickly drop back down again right after.

I've tested with two different modems, the one I'd been using to start with (an Arris Touchstone SB6183), as well as a new modem that I bought (a Netgear CM600) in case my problem was due to the other modem dying. I've tested on two different computers with wired connections to my router (an Asus RT-AC68U Wireless-AC190 Dual-Band Gigabit Router), as well as plugged directly into the modems. I've tested wirelessly via my cell phone. I've tested at various times throughout the day. All with similar low results. (I've got an Imgur album of saved speed test results, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link that here or not. If I can, please let me know, and I will gladly do so.)

Nothing in my set-up has changed (aside from when I was trying a new modem) from when everything was working previously. Unfortunately, I do not know exactly what sort of download speeds I was getting previously, but it was enough, at least, to browse Tumblr or watch Netflix or other such things without any issues or delay. And it was enough to allow me to connect to my work VPN and access the remote program I use for my job without trouble. That changed this past week, and the issues I had from at least the 19th on started to clue me in to my current problem.

I've contacted Suddenlink, to various results. The first rep I spoke with did the usual routine of resetting my modem from their side, and when that didn't change anything, she said they would have to send someone out, something I'm unable to have them do at the moment because of a quarantined family member in the house. I asked if someone could come out (and not come inside) to make sure the cable and everything on their side of things was okay, as well as to verify that my service area simply hadn't been oversold, but she said that the issue couldn't be on their end because they could access and see my modem just fine. However, another rep I spoke with while getting the new modem activated did say that she could see something corrupting my signal on their side of things. Of course, she rebooted things as a fix, and that did lead to a temporary increase in my speed, but that jump up immediately dropped back down again in the next five minutes.

Sorry for the long post, but I'm hoping someone can maybe help me understand what might be going on with my connection and what, if anything, I might be able to do to fix it. I understand a little about this stuff, but not enough to determine if the problem really might be on my side when I can't help but think it's got to be on Suddenlink's end. I'm happy to provide whatever information I can, as well as the link to all of my speed test results, if I'm allowed to post it. I'm not worried so much about being able to watch YouTube videos or shows on Netflix as I am being able to maintain a steady connection when I have to log back in to work again come Tuesday. Thank you in advance for anyone who reads all of this and might be able to assist!
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