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Dec 19, 2018
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do you guys know that recently some nasty and notorious varity of ransomeware viruses are infecting many windows users?
Also, i was surprised to see that on 30th march 2020 many videos are uploaded regarding how to get rid of .Mado virus( a variant of Ransomeware).

And 30th march is the date when one of my old windows7 laptop as well as manuy users laptop got infected with .Mado virus!!🤔 😯
I had Avg free antivirus installed. But it failed to give a good fight against the .mado virus as free ones are not that good.(Ransomwares)
So I asked my elder brother and he gave me a Paid, licenced antivirus.
Luckily it was Kaspersky Internet Security and yes it cleared all the virus from the system.
But before that the viruses corrupted many of my precious(oh yeah, I know the virus left a readme.txt file demanding money and telling I have to pay them to buy their decryption tool but who gives a Removed?) files which I preserved with care for long times. the files include audio,video, family pictures 😭, apps, pdfs, documents etc.
there is no way I am going to install windows again for no reason or break the partitons or format the whole Hdisk. I might install windows 10 starter later but not now.
I've already tried Emsisoft decrypter tool but failed to recover. It says online varities are impossible to decrypt.

I tried Kaspersky decrypting tools as well but .Mado maybe is a new variant. so there old tool are not working on them.

is there a way to recover them? shall I buy a pro decryption tool available in the market. (of course I am not expecting the terrorist hackers or virus makers to give me such a good thing)

or i have to go for a pro file restore tool? or contact a data restore/recovery expert.?

any suggestion except formatting my hard drive will be highly appreciated. don't tell me there is no way. if you don't know then don't say anything. Thank you
I'm so sorry for your loss.

Regrettably such loses tend to be permanent in most cases. Hopefully most of your memories are stored on Google Photos or Facebook/Instagram. Each of those sites offer a full download option of all your photos.

There might be hope in the future these files are restorable if they use a common key and someone reverse engineers the descriptor tool in question. Sadly, the entire point of encryption is to prevent someone from reading the data contents by using a hugely impossible password to guess. The number of combinations is impossible to brute force with even with some 64 bits encryption. (The lowest level) 128bit and 256, 512, and 1024 are more common.

That said, this is why people SHOULD create backups. Both online and offline, or at the very least use a paid anti virus that has anti-ransomeware remediation. (It will either block certain folders from being overwritten, or create backups of those files before they are overwritten)
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Mar 16, 2013
You might be able to rid yourself of the virus.
Your files will remain encrypted and useless, until such time as you pay them, or someone discovers and posts a decryption routine.
That has not yet happened.