Question Recently Built a new rig and why my cpu wont run?

Jan 10, 2020
Hi everyone, i just assembled a new rig ,my specs are :

Gigabyte z390 gaming x


16gig 3000 ram

Psu:700 watt silverstone

2 hdd blue wd

No dedicated gpu
Deepcool frostwind aircooler
After installing everything and when power it on, my system at first instantly shut down, to be more specific : after powering no fan(neither other fans nor cpu fan) runs, or only for first milisecond it run,but my motherboard lighting and my ram lighings keep being on while cpu wont start with all fans, my psu has a 8 pin(2×4)cpu connector,
And cpu indicator led on my motherboard indicates cpu is the problem,after taking it to a shop they said they had simillar problem they said apparently this cpu can only runs with a 12pin connector rather than 8pin or less, after checking it with a 12pin psu in front of me, problem solved immediately, now i wonder if that is the case why in every froum online it says 12pin is not necessary unless mybe doing extreme overclocking if so then why my system didnt run with only an 8pin?😢


Different motherboards might have different levels of "only if extreme overclocking".

Plus, that PSU is likely an older design and may not be capable of delivering the necessary power over the 8 pin EPS connector.

If it worked in front of you with a different PSU that had 4 x4pin, then either it NEEDS to have that, or your PSU is kaput.
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