Question Recently built PC issues

Dec 21, 2019
Recently built a PC and having issues need help.
Asus Rog Strix B450-f
Ryzen 7 2700x
Gskill Royals 2x8g ddr4 3600
Gskill Royals 2x16g ddr4 3200
Samsung 970+ EVO 250g m.2
Samsung Evo SSD 500g
PowerColor Liquid Devil rx 5700 xt
Custom loop rigid tubing:
Corsair CPU block
EK rad and pump res

So with that being listed out when i finished putting it together I was told to set ram at what specs are 3600 so made a 2174mhz to 3600 jump crashed and set to 2884 and been running stable. then the GPU i noticed was only running at 300mhz and I have a 1440p and i wanted 60 fps min in games started messing with the setting on the gps able to set 2020mhz and was getting 100 fps in WoW and breaking point everynow and then the GPS would crash black screen and had to restart a few times to get it stable. last night while gaming i was monitoring my CPU GPU and ram and i noticed the ram alot higher than the other 2 so I went out and got the 32g gskill 3200 and after putting them in ive been getting blue screens and crashes. gpu drivers did also update that could be another thing that is causing things not sure. help


Mix matched ram tends to not work so well. 2nd gen/B450 tends to not work well past DDR4 3200 speeds either. Pull out the 3600, and run only the 3200, making sure to use the correct slots. Also, what is the make/model, of your power supply?