Question Recently changed GPU and PSU, now the GPU keeps crashing with display driver nvlddmkm error ?

Aug 23, 2021
Hi everyone, I've been struggling with this issue for weeks now, and I really can't pinpoint what the issue is in my system.

Here is my PC Specs:

Basically, what lead to this happening was me changing my GPU from a GTX1050Ti, to an RTX3060, and thought it was a PSU issue, thus upgrading to a 650W PSU.

Every time I edit videos on Premiere, if it's "overloaded" the screen will freeze, my GPU which has RGB will reset and turn white, and then my second display will turn off, while I'll have to restart my PC to get things working again. This issue has been incredibly frustrating as I can't work as efficiently. This only happens when I've been editing. Playing games, browsing the internet - it has never happened to me.

This is the error that I have seen in Event Viewer:
"Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered."

Things I've tried to solve this issue, but the issue still persists:
  • Upgrading the PSU (due to the fear that my previous PSU, 550W was not sufficient).
  • Plugging the power socket directly into the wall outlet instead of an extension.
  • Removing the GPU Drivers using DDU in Safe Mode, and reinstalling it. I've done this twice, Game Ready and Studio Mode. I'm now on Studio Drivers.
  • Turned off XMP
  • Removing 16GB of RAM (I have 32gb, different brands, same speed. I thought it was that, but no difference). Memtest went successful.
  • Edit Regedit Tdrdelay.
  • Undervolted GPU
  • Debug mode on Nvidia Control Panel
  • Maximum Power on Nvidia Control Panel
  • Updated BIOS
Is there anything that I have missed that could solve this issue? Is it Premiere?

Anyone has any thoughts, could it be the motherboard or a faulty PSU, or a faulty GPU? I have yet to reinstall Windows as the next measure. The GPU was from an authorised seller and not bought from online marketplaces. Unfortunately, I have sold my GPU so I can't try any replacement. So I'm hoping that won't be the case, else I'll have to buy a new PC just to work on it as I work (almost 24/7) on this computer.
Aug 23, 2021
Update! I managed to fix the issue! So far two days without crashes, and I forcefully did things which usually caused the crash.

I turned off Hardware-accelerated GPU Scheduling via Windows Settings > Display > Graphics Settings (at the bottom). Hope this helps anyone if you face this issue in the future.