Question Recently my pc has gotten extremely slow on every application stuttering/lag.


Jul 11, 2019
Okay, so recently I have noticed when I opened up the epic games launcher to play the new gta update it was lagging just on the launcher it self almost unbearable to just browse games and my library. I checked my task manager and the epic games launcher was on 80% cpu usage and beyond, so I tried to play gta but it was unbearable completely unplayable whenever I would I try to move it would be so laggy and delayed so I got off. I looked through every application I owned to see if it would still lag and every application I tested lagged accept for google and discord, surprisingly even cc cleaner was lagging. I even downloaded roblox to see if it would lag and it did even on the lowest graphical settings. This is all recent and I suspect it is my cpu as on every task it will be on 80% plus usage and 70-80 Celsius might be an over heating issue, I have a Ryzen 2600 with a stock cooler and I have not changed the thermal paste in a little over than a year. Once again this is all recent I have 3 120mm fans 2 in the front 1 in the back, the layout is 2 intake 1 exhaust, Fans made by "ASIAHORSE." Before all the lag and stuttering issues started I was crashing every 30-40 minutes of playtime in rainbow six siege so that might have been the start of it. I was playing rainbow six siege and it shut my computer of and I had to reboot it as it said the cpu was over heating but I turned my fans on max rotation speed and my r6 games never crashed after that but maybe a week after than happened this issue arrived, thats all I got to say for now any help would be appreciated I would really love to game again!