Question Recently Rooted old Computer with LUBUNTU goes SLOW

Jul 13, 2020
I Have an old PC that i wiped with DBAN and then installed Lubuntu 19.10 with a rooted flash drive. Now is going slower than before. Any recommendations?

Its a HP compaq dc5750 (2007). It used to have a couple of disk partitions (windows 7 and Ubuntu 18.04). The hard drive has only 80gb and the ram has only 2gb and the processor is an AMD Athlon x64 Dual Core so i decided to wipe the pc and then install a faster OS.

1)I dont know if its because it was installed 2 days ago so it takes some time to install packages or update some software. is that a normal thing?

2) Should i delete various programs that came with the OS that i dont use? i dont know if that could be harmful in any way...

3) i heard that windows 7 starter its ok for this type of pc, could it be? i just want to run faster for simple home tasks
Jun 3, 2020
Interesting. My recommendation would be to try out PeppermintOS. If that doesn't work try out Manjaro I3 Edition. It requires less specifications than Lubunut, however try it out on a USB first. The keyboard shortcuts and general navigation on a tiling window manager would be a new experience at first, but you would get use to it (they also have the keyboard shortcuts on the screen to assist you). If that doesn't work either, TinyCore Linux definately would.