Aug 29, 2016

I recently upgraded my GPU to an AMD 7900XTX (Powercolor Hellhound Spectral White Edition); my previous video card was an Asus TUF 3090 OC edition. Prior to installing the new video card, I used DDU in Safe Mode to remove any traces of Nvidia GPU drivers. I then downloaded AMD Adrenalin software, but my gaming experience has been less than stellar. Unlike the 3090 that I had prior, I am experiencing micro stutters in every single game that I play. To rectify this issue, I turned off Smart Access Memory in the Adrenalin Software, which fixed the micro stutters. However, these issues would return the next time I booted up my computer. And to fix the micro stutters, I had to reenable SAM, which is odd considering it was the cause of the micro stutters in the beginning. I find that I have to go through this process every single time that I boot up my PC; if SAM is off, I have to turn it back on, and vice versa just to ensure I don't experience micro stutters in my games. Here are my specs:

CPU: AMD 7950x3D
Cooler: Vetroo V360 AIO
RAM: Teamgroup T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 32GB (2x16GB) 6000MHz PC5-48000 CL30 FF4D532G6000HC30DC01 (these ram sticks are XMP ready, but I am able to enable it on my motherboard, and they are running at the maximum frequency)
PSU: Seasonic Prime 1300W Platinum
GPU: Powercolor Hellhound 7900XTX Spectral White (undervolted with the min frequency at 2800 and max at 2900. The voltage is currently set at 1100. VRAM clock speed is set at default.)
OS: Windows 11
Monitor: LG C2 42" OLED

I turned off all the Graphics Settings in Adrenalin, except for VSYNC, which is set to "Always On." I also have my FPS capped at 115 with Freesync on. I also disabled MPO in the registry. I've tried every single solution that I could find on the web with no luck. I have also played around with all the graphical settings in Adrenalin by turning them on and off to no avail. The micro stutters prevail, and the only fix that seems to work is to turn SAM either on or off depending on which option I had it set to prior to shutting down my PC. The fix is rather simple, but I don't think I should have to do this every single time that I boot up my PC. I didn't have to do any of this with my previous Nvidia video card. I don't want to give Nvidia anymore of my money, but AMD is proving to be a major headache to work with.
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Apr 6, 2021
Did you ever see any progress / solutions here?

Not sure how much you spent but, wouldn't even the 4080 give better performance at that rate?

Honestly in all my experience - and I've used AMD forcibly for the past 2 or so years because AMD is essentially necessary for MacOS -- I would never ever buy an AMD card for gaming or any other purposes. The drivers on Windows are absolutely horrible.

Let me list some of the recent problems I had with AMD, just to reiterate how bad the drivers are

- 5600 XT - no sound over HDMI, unless fans were spinning or there was load. could not watch a basic youtube video
- 5700 XT - tried 3 different models because I didn't know it was drivers at first. This couldn't support my triple monitor setup. I had one ultrawide, 144hz, one 2k 165hz, and one 1080p 75hz vertical. nothing that wild, but it struggled whenever any 3rd was connected. a lot of flashing.
- after the above failures, I thought, let me stop wasting time and money and let me get the best there is. so I bought the 6900 XT new from StockX for $1500. a ton of coil whine. I've had stutters since too but, it turned out it may have to do with my RAM? not sure. They also refused the warranty because it was second hand, even though I bought it new with receipt. I thought that was some really messed up company policy, to first make a crappy product, and then decline to replace it. but anywho, I'm trying different things and the stuttering may end up being my RAM.
besides the coil whine it runs super hot...otherwise, power is definitely there and it can get 4k60fps on almost whatever. even higher if wanted. 2k120 was not much of an issue either

All in all, this is just a summation of AMD's <Mod Edit> and so to say --- what led you to pick the 7900 XTX over other options? why not give Nvidia your money when they're making some really great stuff!
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