Recently upgraded to windows 10 and I'm getting lag that I didn't experience when on windows 7.

Feb 8, 2019
So after upgrading to windows 10 I can no longer watch a stream on twitch while playing a game. The stream will run in very low FPS and frequently freeze for several seconds. I've also noticed that discord seems to get affected as well. Distorted voices/ takes a second or two for my mic to mute/unmute after pressing the hotkey. To summarize, nothing seems to be as smooth as it was prior to upgrading. I don't feel like its because of a lower end computer as these are my specs:

Windows 10 Pro
GTX 1070

Things I've tried:
Updating GPU drivers
Updating generic drivers
Checking for windows updates
Setting my performance options to adjust for best performance
Using chrome
Turning off hardware acceleration on chrome
Using edge
Using system file checker
Playing the game in full screen and border-less windowed

On a side note whenever I restart my computer it takes roughly 3 minutes to get through the "restarting" phase. However simply hitting shutdown, and then hitting the power button takes no time at all to boot back up. Not sure if this is an indication that something is corrupted or what, but I figured I'd throw it out just in case as I'm out of ideas.

If anyone has anything that they can offer it would be greatly appreciated. I really do not want to have to clean install windows 10 with the possibility of it not resolving the issue and then have to do a clean install of windows 7.

Thank you in advance.
Jan 31, 2019
Generally, on any windows 7 computer i receive to upgrade to 10, right after performing the upgrade I tend to do a clean install.
I have noticed that on many computers in my work environment suffer weird lags and other issues if they have not been installed from a fresh copy. Most notable feature of an upgraded Win7->Win10 computer is the password screen not showing up when pressing the up arrow on the keyboard rather only showing up if you do Ctrl-Alt-Del.
Clean copy is always the way to go and then solve any issues afterwards.
If you do, make sure your Win10 has been activated with a digital license beforehand.

But if you really want to struggle with it and not do a clean install, the next best option would be to check the file system for errors and have them fixed with sfc.

But from my understanding, your computer has never run well since windows 10, so i don't think checking it would provide any solutions.