[SOLVED] recognize this program ?


I do not immediately recognize the icon - perhaps someone else will.

In the meantime - Context:

If you "right click" the icon and select "Properties" what do you see presented?

Did the icon just suddenly appear and, if so, where does it appear?

Any recent downloads, application installs, updates for anything?
Oct 19, 2020
Hey thanks for the reactivity, the app was installed on another computer but I don't have access to it anymore I just had a couple screenshots from a while ago


Win 10 Master
its close, the To do app has a blue tick mark,

his looks like just a blue line

admittedly it could be how app shows if its got a reminder or something, I only downloaded it to check.


Thanks @gardenman & everyone for the timely help !
You're welcome.

lol how'd you do that?
As you already know, you use a search engine and search with "words". But in some search engines, you can also upload an image to be searched for too.

But before you do that, you should have a good clear copy of the image you are searching for. The OP uploaded a good image, in PNG format too, but it needed to be cleaned up a bit first. This is important as any extra parts of the image could mean it's not identified correctly by the search engines. I used Windows Paint and cropped the image down to remove the edges first. I saved the "new.jpg" to my desktop.

Original ImageNew Image

I went to Google Search and clicked on Images. I dragged and dropped the new.jpg from my desktop to the Google Search. Unfortunately, Google Search didn't find the image. In my opinion, Google has the best word search, but one of the worse image searches (when searching with an image).

So I used Google to look for more Image Search engines and the 3rd or so link down was one called DupliChecker: https://www.duplichecker.com/reverse-image-search.php
It basically allows you to search multiple image search engines at once. Just upload your image and it will search Google and other search engines and provide the results. I uploaded the new.jpg and clicked on the blue "Search Similar Image" button. It shows the results from 6 search engines. The first being Google which we know is no good. The 2nd one found nothing, the 3rd one (Yandex) gave me the results I was looking for.

Next I searched Google for "Wondershare Filmora icon" to verify it and found the YouTube video some way or another.

Knowing how to use search engines is very important. Knowing the little options you can use with them can drastically change the results when searching for things. I'm no expert and I wish I had time to learn more about them as it could really help with just about everything you do on the net.
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