Recommend a back-up solution for home network


Mar 22, 2010
Situation: My parents have multiple computers and smartphones on a home network. I've been pushing them to invest in some type of back-up system. They've recently had a grandchild and are taking a crazy amount of pictures/videos. My dad writes a lot of essays and has many music files of original content. Right now they are using iCloud for their iphones, but nothing for the computers. They are windows machines. I'm doing my best to advise them on what to do and I'm at a loss on which type of solution/service would work best for the situation.

Some things to keep in mind about cloud backup: My dad works from home and has heard co-workers complain about the reliability with cable ISPs (charter to be specific which is ironically the only high speed alternative) with their corporate intranet/vpn. They currently have sbcglobal DSL which is only 6mbps which is acceptable for their usage. Even iCloud backups take a very long time. This is why I was thinking that a local network drive could solve the problem but that would require more maintenance? Not sure. They are not tech savvy at all. I have set up everything they are using now and this is beyond my level of knowledge.

router: Linksys E3200 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless N High Performance 2.4/5ghz

What's out there that would the "perfect" system?


Feb 9, 2010
The built in windows 7 full image back up works well. You could just use an external drive if you wanted. Also there are many nas solutions out there such as the western digital mybook live which include backup software and backup to a drive on the network. The problem with these solutions come in if the house burns down.... That's where the remote in the cloud options really save you.


Oct 17, 2012
Good poing Brian_tii I keep a file dvd in my car for the old stuff and if it is that new I guess it is not as important as the old stuff. I would also recommend for back up a system using RAID 1 that has mirrored hard drives for backup incase one fails you do have a back up and have not just more storage to loose.