Question Recommend a decent motherboard for a Xeon E3-1230 ?

Feb 9, 2023
I have an Intel Xeon E3-1230 CPU at hand, all I need is a decent motherboard to use it, am not a gamer. some computer works and browsing.. My build of Asus P5B Deluxe since 2006 is going away....dying. May need few 3.0 USB and 2.0 things like that. :(Seen a few mobos around for 100 or under, but I have not looked into mobos that much, so don't know what's good what's not. I also have Radeon HD 5770 if that's relevant.



In this case, it's the very 1st one, Sandy Bridge family CPU.

Any Intel 60- and 70-series chipset MoBo would do.
To be more specific: B75, H61, H67, H77, Z68, Z75, Z77 chipsets.
B = business use
H = home use
Z = enthusiast use (most feature rich)

Pcpp, ordered by name:,51,52&N=4,16&mt=ddr3&f=2,7&sort=name&page=1

Did filter the results a bit, by removing MoBos with only 2 RAM slots, removing EATX and mini-ITX MoBos.

For your use, you can look towards H77, Z75 or Z77 chipset MoBo. This narrows the selection down quite a lot.
Feb 9, 2023
yeah I went to that website before, did selected few items to avoid but still not really sure so went in here to ask. Thanks for your info. I am leaning toward H77 because Z77 is more extra stuff that I might not need. I did not know about B, H, and Z. FYI, I will start with H then go from there..
Thank you very much...very appreciated.
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Nice Nicer

May 24, 2021
May I ask if you look for other parts as well ( case , PSU , et cetera ) ? This processor or similar ones may be in many computers/workstations from that time. You could find one second hand for less than what you might pay for just a Mainboard.It might be a lot easier to just exchange the CPU in an already assembled prebuilt PC.