Recommend a graphics card and memory


Oct 4, 2009
I have a optiplex gx620 3.40GHz and 1GB of ram and I want to upgrade my ram to at least 4GB. I also want to upgrade my video card and I'm not sure whats compatible with with my pc. I don't know the in depth specs about my pc but hopefully you could help me out. Thank you for your time.


Jun 18, 2007
Looks like the 620 uses DDR2 533 RAM. Is your gx620 the standard size or the mini tower? You might have to get a low-profile card if it's the mini.


Aug 18, 2009
Hey Mr Buster !

Ive been researching your system and i have found some specs for it :

Your system is DDR2 , which is the sorta newish type of ram . Your ram can run at frequencys of 533mhz or 667mhz. At the fastest, your RAM can run at 667mhz, which isn't slow . I used to have 4gb running at 667mhz and then i upgraded to 4gb of RAM at 800mhz and much to my disappointment , i really couldnt notice any difference . So having RAM run at 667mhz isn't the end of the world . And ive got some good news for you. DDR2 667 are really cheap.
4gb of DDR2 667 only costs $70 with free postage on newegg - heres the link ..........
One thing that ive got to say about this ram is that it is made by Corsair, so you know its good quality.
As for that 1gb stick you already have , i would not use it and just use the new RAM . Mismatched RAM can have really random (and bad ) effects on your system . Its safer to have 2 identical sticks of RAM so as to avoid any future problems.
You are going to love 4gb of RAM.

K now for that video card. With the system you have now, i wouldn't recommend a mega powerful graphics card. Theres a sort of rule of thumb when buying a graphics card . You have to buy a graphics card proportionate to your CPU. In other words, a video card has to match your CPU. And with that Pentium 4 3.20 ghz i wouldn't recommend spending heaps on a graphics card. All that would happen is the CPU would be maxed before the graphics card is even close to its full potential. So anyway enough of me going on , heres a graphics card that would suit your system. your system has a pci express port with a speed of 16x. so that means that your computer could take a graphics card that is high end. But as mentioned before you really dont want to do that . heres a graphics card that would go well with your system -
Its an Asus 9400gt with 1gb of RAM built in . Its also really small - so if you have a smallish case it will still fit nicely . it costs $55, there is a 512MB version but its only about $10 cheaper, and an extra $10 isnt really that much more for a better graphics card. Anyway, it will happyly handle older games at pretty good settings, but newer games at lower settings. This graphics card is also low power, so it shouldnt put too much extra pressure on your power supply.

If you need help installing either of these things, google it ,and there will be heaps of instructions on how to install them properly, or just post a thread and ill be happy to help you out.

happy upgrading