Question Recommend a PC under $500 that will run Fortnite ?

Oct 2, 2021
Hello! I am wondering if there any affordable PC options (under $500) that my son could play Fortnite on? He does have an xbox but seems to prefer to play with a keyboard. He does have a nice gaming keyboard and headset but no PC. He seems to think he can play on a regular pre-owned laptop but I don't want to get one for it to just break or not be able to be used to play fortnite. Thanks so much.

Giant Hunger

Jun 23, 2021
Yes, he does play this way but seems to think he still needs a PC. Is that silly?
Is he going to use that gaming pc for work? if his primary goal of that gaming pc is gaming then its really unnecessary. PC prices has gotten high because of gpu prices and alot of gamers has been keen to buy consoles instead of pc because it is cheaper and powerfull. Anyway its up to you.


The basic problem -- and why people are encouraging you to use the Xbox is that due to the chip shortage helping cause insane GPU pricing, desktops that can really run Fortnite in a manner obviously superior to the Xbox are likely going to cost more than this.

While you may be able to find a used budget gaming laptop in the $500 range, there comes a huge tradeoff: lifespan. Gaming laptops tend to have much shorter lifespans than basic laptops; heat removal is more difficult than a desktop, parts are harder to clean and much harder to replace, and there won't be any warranty at this point. You could probably find an adequate used laptop with a 1050 Ti somewhere, but it's hard for me to say it's a good idea.