Recommend a selling price for my PC


Hi I'm looking at selling a PC but I just don't know what price I should be looking for, I'm thinking about £1400 but am I going way over what I should be or?

Corsair 900D
Seaosnic SS1000
i7 5930K
Asus X99 Deluxe
Silverstone TD02E
GTX 980 Posiden (no water cooling loop)
Intel 730SSD (240GB)
WD Blue 1TB
Soundblaster ZXR
Kingston HyperX Predator 16GB 3000mhz DDR4

Ok to decent cable management, nothing spectacular but fairly clean.

For 1400£ you can build a good bit better system new.

800£ would be the max most people would give for this.



£1400 ?
Not a chance.

1/2 that, at most.



I might sell it for £800, I just want a compacter new PC is all and it'd work out better to sell it and buy a whole new PC weirdly enough since alot of X99 stuff isn't made any more.

A used x99 itx board would be about 150£. Everything else you can keep depending on the case you get.



You'd be suprised I've only been able to find 1 X99 board and that's for £300,

Selling this and investing would get me a solid ryzen build with a 1080Ti, I think that might be the best option since the 2080 stuff is just ridiculously priced at the moment.

Bar the fact that I'd have to get an ITX case as well which would set me back another £100 so if I sold it for £800 I'd invest £500 in a new PC, kinda makes more sense to me.